Choosing a Spinal Ligament Injury Specialist is the BEST decision for someone that has injured their spinal ligaments to make, no matter how they were injured, and you can be THAT specialist in less time than you could ever imagine!

Time is money!

Putting your resources to work with a streamlined learning experience along with comprehensive resources & support will save you not only time, but money.

SmartInjuryDoctors utilize more comprehensive & accurate documentation and diagnostic techniques to make a validated & objective diagnosis for more personalized treatment plans & better patient outcomes.

A SmartInjuryLawyer understands the injuries the client is suffering are not just soft tissue injuries. They know the long-term impact that these injuries have on their clients' quality of life, not just physically, but emotionally and financially as well.

Pairing the specialized knowledge of a SmartInjuryLawyer with impeccable documentation & validated impairment ratings from a SmartInjuryDoctor allows a better, more timely outcome in the resolution of their injury claim.

Our SmartInjuryLawyers™ program takes good injury lawyers and makes them great injury lawyers, by giving them a very simple, yet highly comprehensive, understanding of the injuries (in this case spinal soft tissue injuries) that they represent. They understand these injuries completely and at a level never achieved previously in this market. This of course makes them highly sought after by both the public and by the providers that are treating these injuries. This program originated from the thousands of doctors that we have interacted with over the years that have told us that they were really tired of the lack of injury understanding and knowledge that the general personal injury attorneys had that they had to work with. Our program for attorneys solves that.

SmartInjuryDoctors™ ultimately realize that their job is to reduce patient benefits need, which is inherent in exceptional treatment results. Example, the patient is having difficulty walking from a back injury sustained in an automobile accident and they are in a wheelchair.  After proper accurate diagnosis & 6 months of incredible care and rehabilitation, the patient is now out of their wheel chair and doing 5K runs! They have no more physical complaints and are happy to resume the life that they had prior to the injury.  This is the type of care that needs to be delivered in the injury market as stellar treatment results, such as those achieved in this example, reduces the patients future medical or benefits needs tremendously and that is our doctors' job.

Our SmartInjuryDoctors™ are some of the most sought-after injury providers in the profession because their primary focus is on early, accurate diagnosis, stellar treatment results, and outstanding patient documentation.

SmartInjuryDoctors™ have superior understanding of the injuries themselves and how they are most objectively and accurately diagnosed, including both their severity and location. Early accurate diagnosis is the key to getting optimal results with the patient as well as providing the basic information that is needed in order for the patient to access any benefits that they may be entitled to, such as getting their recovery care fully paid.

SmartInjuryDoctors™ focus on “stellar treatment results”, which is sadly lacking in the market today. Only after an injury is fully and accurately diagnosed and understood, can optimal treatment results be achieved. Our doctors will be the most sought-after providers in the market because they truly understand these injuries and they get results, which reduces costs, and makes the whole resolution process and faster and more efficient. 

SmartInjuryDoctors™ focus on outstanding patient documentation, which again is sadly lacking in the market today. Comprehensive and complete documentation allows patients to have and get access to any benefits that they may be entitled to. This allows everyone in the process of determining benefits and resolving claims, including insurance carriers and attorneys to have a much easier and productive time doing so. 

Check us out! 

Most of the problems that doctors and lawyers face in this market every day come from a lack of truly understanding these simple, yet devastating injuries. You owe it yourself, your patients, and your clients to not only reduce your problems, but at the same time, reducing their problems. You will be getting better results and better recognition in the market guaranteed!

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